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Tallest Buddha Stupa in the world

Motihari is reported to have the tallest and the largest Buddhist Stupa in the world, following its discovery in 1998 through excavation by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Rising to a height of 104 feet, and much reduced than its reported original height, it is still one foot taller than the famous Borobodur Stupa in Java. The Stupa is located near the town of Kasaria, 120 km from Patna, capital of Bihar. According to the National Informatics Centre of East Champaran (Motihari) publication, the Kesaria Stupa was 123 feet tall before the 1934 earthquake in Bihar. Originally the Kesaria Stupa was reported to have been 150 feet tall, 12 feet taller than the Borobodur stupa, which is 138 feet, according to the A.S.I. report. At present Kesaria Stupa is 104 feet and Borobodur Stupa is 103 feet. The height of ‘Sanchi Stupa ‘ a world heritage site is only 77.50 feet. Legend states that Buddha, on his last Journey, is reported to have spent a memorable night at Kesaria.

Baikuntha Nath temple: The Baikuntha Nath temple is a very important temple in the east Chmparan district located 25 Km north to the district headquarter, Motihari. It is located to 10 Km south to Areraj. Narkatia, Gamharia Kala and Bahadurpur are famous villages near that temple. "How to Reach Areraj to Kesariya "Areraj to Kesariya via madhubani is very short cort route, Madhubani is 10 km from areraj and also 10 km from kesariya , it means Madhubani is situated in the center of Areraj and Kesariya.Madhubani is very famous bhumihar brahman village in East champaran.Madhubani is also Famous for Late Jagdish Vikal, who was famous poet in india and social worker Late Er.Shiv Nath singh was born in Madhubani, he was famous for his social work.

# Someshwar Nath Temple

* Location-Areraj, Motihari
* It is one of the oldest temples in Hindu mythology and its importance can be seen in the holy month of sawan.

# Gandhi Sangrahalaya

* Location-Motihari near Town thana

# Jheel-also known as Motijheel

* Location-Motihari
* It divides the city in two parts

Motihari  is the headquarter of East Champaran (East Champaran) district in the Indian state of Bihar