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Best time to visit
September to April





There are no renowned eateries like the big beaches but you can order for most international cuisines. Not all places where you stay will have a restaurant. Nevertheless there are enough to survive upon. Dersey's on the southern end of Agonda beach is one of the restaurants open even during the low season, serving both Indian and local food. There's another (probably year-round) restaurant on the beach road closer to the northern end, but it seems to be overpriced with rates compared or even more than those on Palolem beach. During the high season, more places are opened, but still not too many.

If you do not afraid local food (and there's nothing dangerous in it, actually) and/or want to save money, Niki bar on the road to Chaudi (just where the road to Agonda Beach branches from it to the right) serves good fish thalis for a reasonable Rs.30 in what seems to be a local eatery and an afternoon (as he closes his place around 5 PM) drinking point for a few locals. Foreigners are seen there surprisingly often for such a "local" place.

Some local shops also do have a few tables and prepare basic food (omelettes, fish & veg thalis, tea, juice, etc.) during the high season, but their price tag is usually more "touristic" (less than in restaurants, however, that is Rs.50-60 for a thali). One of them can be found just 50 m right from the church, at the end of the first building with small shops on the left side.



Agonda is in the southernmost Canacona taluka of Indian state of Goa

Get in and around

Agonda by road is a long detour from the normal route one would take to the more famous, beautiful and approachable Palolem beach. Lookout for a dilapidated signboard after diverting towards Palolem from the highway, travel a long while from the signboard and you will end up near Agonda.

Ask for Canacona - many locals know Agonda by this name.

Public transport also runs to Agonda from other beaches. Check local schedules as they are confusing and subject to change - many buses list Agonda as the destination - this refers to the inland village the beach is named after.
Get around

Agonda is a nice long pristine stretch of beach. Though the waters here might not be the most ideal place for swimming (you have better beaches with calm waters in Goa), Agonda is definitely a place for those who want to quit on a Monday morning. Most mobile connections do not work here (of those having SIM cards easily available to foreigners, only Vodafone does), so that is an added bonus for those looking forward to a quiet and relaxed holiday. Or, if you do need to party sometimes, Palolem is just 15 minutes by motorbike (10 km) away - but Agonda is generally cheaper, quieter, hassle-free and has much less "touristic" feel.

Agonda Beach basically has one long road parallel to the beach line, most rooms and bungalows for rent are located either between them or on the opposite side of the road. In the center of the beach, there is Agonda Church and even a local school/college (funny enough called Agonda University) to the right of it. Many local children go from/to there in the morning. Another road goes up from the church, crosses the river shortly after and goes through the village to the junction with a main road from Chaudi and Palolem, which are both to the right. To the left, this bigger road crosses the village until the beach road joins it near the river mouth and northern end of the beach, then continues on in the direction of Cabo da Rama.

Local buses coming to Agonda Beach stop on a junction near the church. Buses to Chaudi and Margao are available few times a day, ask locals about the schedule. There are more (still not too many) buses on the main road - but this means 10-15 minutes walk from the beach center. The price to Chaudi is Rs.7 or 8.

One or two tuk-tuks usually stands near the church during the daytime. As always in India, bargain (the normal price to Chaudi or Palolem should be around Rs.50, but many tourists end up paying Rs.100 and more).

Motorbikes and scooters are offered for rent, both by house owners and by tuk-tuk/motorbike guys near the church. A nearly-new Honda Activa or similar should cost Rs.150-200 (200 is an usual starting price, but during the peak period bargaining could be difficult), less if rented for more than a week or two





A typical sun and sand holiday.

Local Fishermen take you on dolphin rides. Bargain hard and a boat can take up to people, costing Rs 800.

Hike on the hillocks.

Ride through the countryside on the way to cabo de rama.