Palolem Travel Guide


Some people are under the mis-apprehension that most of the food in Palolem is quite Westernised. Actually most places serve both "international" food and Indian - so you have the choice. There are great curries and rotis/nan/chippati/rice almost everywhere and these are great and very cheap to live on. Being more sensitive to local needs and choosing local brands is more environmentally sound, means that you help the local economy more - your money doesn't just go on exports, halves the cost of your stay and give you a more Indian experience - so call for a Kingfisher, not a Fosters as so many embarrassing "westerners" do! Also remember that the chefs idea of an western dish may be slightly different than yours in some of the restaurants.


If you are part of the consumer rat race - a shoppaholic - this is not a great place for you - but there are great crafts people on the beaches (stone carvers, instrument makers etc). Be very firm but polite if you don't want their wares - they are much more polite and civilized than sellers on other Indian beaches - let's keep it that way!

On the beach front and inland there are many wonderful little music shops, spice shops and garment shops - some of which are mini bazaars. The hippy influence over the years means that they can let you chill out and choose rather than trying to hard sell you from the second you enter the store.

The beach

The beach is largely unspoiled and is inhabited by both local fishermen and by foreign tourists who live in shacks along the shore or in the main village itself[1]. It is about one mile (2 km) long and is crescent-shaped - one can view the whole beach from either end. Both ends of the beach consist of rocks jutting out into the sea. The depth of the sea increases gradually, it being shallowest at the northern ends of the beach, making it safe for average swimmers, and the currents are not fast.

The beach is featured as the Indian residence of Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) in the film The Bourne Supremacy (2004). The initial footage in the movie gives a good idea of the natural beauty of the beach - the distinctive tree covered rocks at one end (known locally as Monkey Island - to which tours are run) and beach shacks.

At the top of the island adjoining Palolem beach there is a stone sculpture created by an American Conceptual and Land art artist Jacek Tylicki called "Give if you can - Take if you have to" also called "the Money stone".

It became a pilgrimage destination. At the low tide it is a tough jungle walk. People can leave or take money at will at the Money stone.




Cotigao wildlife sanctuary is a good day trip from palolem. you can also ride along the narrow but beautiful coastal road northwards to visit agonda beach and still further north cabo da rama(a ruined fort on a cliff)

Palolem is a beach in South Goa, India.

Palolem Beach is 2 kilometres from the market town of Chaudi, which is about one hour's drive from the coastal town of Karwar in Karnataka and about 40 minutes from Margao (Main city in South Goa