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Chail and its surrounding areas are a delight for tourists in every season. It is charming in summer, fascinating in autumn when the fields and the forests are covered with a cloak of russet and gold and, of course, in winter it is nothing less than a paradise, when the snow casts its mantle and remains till the beginning of spring in April.

Chail is a delight for tourists in every season. It is amiable in summer enthralling in winter and no less than a paradise in the winter season. However, in the winter season the temperature may drop down below the freezing point making it excessive difficult to enjoy. In the summer season also the place is cold and it is recommended to tourists to carry woolen attire. The best time to visit this place is either between may and july when the summer is at its full rage in the plains or in the post monsoon September to November time. Whatever the season maybe one should always carry warm clothes to chail to avoid catching cold.