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G.P.O. - the main market is popularly called g.p.o beacuause of the post office.

Tibetian market - A market run by Tibetians has all kind's of nick nacks ,electonics and toys mostly form china.

Khajjahr - a valley with a spring in the middle while being quite beautiful it gets littered with trash in the peak season of July when a massive amount of tourists come but still worth a visit .

Dainkund walk - a gentle slope walk near a army base in Dalhousie leads to a hindu temple.

Alah water tank - the main water tank in the area holds 100,000 gallons.

Upper Bakrota - the highest area in Dalhousie has houses and a school and an army barracks at the top the area is circled by a road which is called the bakrota walk, it is on the way to khajjahr and ends at the allah water tank .

Kala top rest house - on the way to khajjar at the toll barrier for kala top to a road to the left of the barrier leads to the rest house, a nice quiet spot.

Ganji pahadi walk - (ganji means bald, pahadi means hill) it is called ganji pahadi because there are no trees on the summit of the hill and it looks like its got a bald patch at the top, you can ask a local how to get there, it is a long walk at least and hour long but quite pleasent.

Subhash chowk - (chowk means intersection) this is the spot where the road from the bus stand makes a cross road between two roads to G.P.O and the one coming in from the busstand.

Tibetian handicraft center - 3km from G.P.O on the way to khajjar on the left is a slip road you will have to ask a local if the center is open to visitors at the time of your visit.
Church - right next to post office and police post in G.P.O.

Ask the locals for more detailed directions and advice about these places dainkund, upper bakrota and ganji pahadi are the lesser known but quite long and enjoyable walks, pack a picnic basket there are a lot of open empty spots where one can sit and enjoy a meal and a good view.