Baramulla Travel Guide




Baramulla has some of the best tourist locations in Kaskmir viz Gulmarg, Wullar lake etc.

Baramulla has got terminus of the Kashmir Railway.

Baramulla  is a City in the Baramulla District in the Indian-administered Kashmir valley. The name of the city is derived from the original Sanskrit name Varahamula


The name is derived from two Sanskrit words Varaha (Boar) and Mula (Original/Source). In Nilmatapurna the earliest[dubious – discuss] epic of Kashmiri is mentioned that Kashmir was a lake and Vishnu became a Boar and drained it by making a breach with a molar[clarification needed]. The town is located on the banks of river Jehlum at the highest point of the river. In fact, the river forms a delta just in the outskirts of the town. The town is strikingly scenic because of open view of valley on the east and tall mountains on the west.[original research?]

Varrah was an engineer who lived in Baramulla during ancient times. The story goes that he was first to assess that Baraulla is the highest point for River Jehlum. By his calculations he could make out that if silt is dug out or the river path in vicinity of town it could be a major step towards solution of flood problems in the valley. The task was massive and he realized it could not be done that easily. A brilliant idea, quite norm to his personality, struck him and he threw gold coins into the river in front of a large gathering in the town.This prompted people to dig out silt from river in search of gold coins. It is said[who?] that this was a major step towards solving the flood problems in Kashmir. So much so that even in modern times (1970s/80s) the same strategy was applied and a digging machine was implanted on river Jehlum in Baramulla