Srirangapattana Travel Guide




Restaurants can be found near the bus stand. Snacks are available is most of the small shops. However, food here is pretty basic as most people come here for half day trips.



places to visit

* Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple.Of Lord Vishnu in the sleeping posture on the great snake Anantha,is one of the largest temples in the state.
* Tipu's Death Place The body of Tipu Sultan was found here.
* Daria Daulat Bagh - the summer palace of Tipu Sultan. It was constructed in 1784 and is made of teak.Today is a museum devoted to Tipu Sulthan.
* Sangam (of four rivers).
* Gumbaz - This tomb and mosque was built by Tipu Sultan as a tribute to his illustrious father Hyder Ali (1722 - 1784 A.D.), after his death. The gumbaz is situated at the eastern extreme of Srirangapatna. It enshrines the cenotaphs of Hyder Ali, his wife Fakr-Un-Nisa and Tipu Sultan, after his death in 1799 A.D.

Ganesha Temple

God Ganesha Temple In Front of Ranganatha Swamy Temple,

Gangadhareswara Swamy Temple is also see Good one Place.

Important Temples In Srirangapatna.Lakshminarasimha Swamy Temple,JyothiMahaswara Temple,

Bidhcotta Ganesha Temple,Panduranga Swamy Temple,Sathyanarayana Swamy Temple,

Anjunaya Swamy Temple in main Road,Ayyapa Temple & Subramanya Temple In front of Gangadhareswara Swamy Temple,Raganatha Nagara Ganesha Temple..




Srirangapattana has since time immemorial been an urban center and place of pilgrimage. During the Vijayanagar empire, it became the seat of a major viceroyalty, from where several nearby vassal states of the empire, such as Mysore and Talakad, were overseen. When, perceiving the decline of the Vijayanagar empire, the rulers of Mysore ventured to assert independence, Srirangapattana was their first target. Raja Wodeyar vanquished Rangaraya [2], the then viceroy of Srirangapattana, in 1610 and celebrated the Navaratri festival in the town that year. It came to be accepted in time that two things demonstrated control and signified sovereignty over the Kingdom of Mysore by any claimant to the throne:

1. Successful holding of the 10-day-long Navaratri festival, dedicated to Chamundeshwari, patron goddess of Mysore;
2. Control of the fort of Srirangapattana, the fortification nearest to the capital city of Mysore.

Srirangapattana remained part of the Kingdom of Mysore from 1610 to after India's independence in 1947; as the fortress closest to the capital city of Mysore, it was the last bastion and defence of the kingdom in case of invasion.



get there and around

Get in

Srirangapatna is 19km from Mysore.

* Most buses plying the Bangalore to Mysore route stop in the town.
* By Train :

Most of the trains that ply from Bangalore to Mysore stop here. However it is recommended that you take an early morning train, as this gives an ample window to explore the place.

Get around

Autos can be hired from near the bus stand, taxis are available too. Most of them understand Hindi or English, get hold of someone who does. For a predetermined price, they will take you to most of the places of interest. Price, as almost always in India, is negotiable, so ask 3-4 persons before deciding. Walking is another good option, maps and signposts abound, so getting around should not be difficult.