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Ratlam is a major junction and rail division on Indian Railways on meter and broad gauge lines. It comes under Western Railways zone of Indian Railways.

There are Four major Railway Tracks passes through Ratlam City, these are along Mumbai, Delhi, Ajmer and Khandwa, among which the railway track along Khandwa is a Meter Gauge track.

Ratlam is connected to Indore and Neemuch via National Highway no. 79.




Ratlam is known for its savory snacks that are made from chick-pea flour, cloves, and pepper. The Ratlami Sev is a speciality snack which is famous all over India, Daal Baati/Daal - Bafla, with laddu and clarified butter is traditional food of Malwa region which is also common in Ratlam.



Ratlam , known historically as Ratnapuri, is a city in the Malwa region in Madhya Pradesh state of central India. The town of Ratlam lies 1577 feet above sea level. It is the administrative headquarters of Ratlam District

places to visit

Some of the most popular temples to visit are Kalkimata temple, Mahalaxmi temple, Amarji temple and Ananya Mahadev temple.

About 12 km away at Jhar is an 11th century Shiva temple, built in the Bhumija style. Though the sculptures are in ruins, the temple is worth a visit especially for the scenic beauty and water springs.

Just 21 km away is the Cactus Garden at Sailana. It houses over 1200 varieties of Cactii. You can also visit the Kedareshwar temple close to it.

The Sailana Bird Sanctuary was formed in 1983 and is the breeding ground for numerous birds.

Close by are the temples, Barbad Hanuman Temple and Sagod Jain temple, which can be visited.