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Pilgrimage center

Saint Dnyaneshwar, after translating the Bhagavad Gita into Marathi attained samādhi in a cave at Alandi. Alandi is thus a place of pilgrimage and is venerated by many Hindus. A temple complex has been built near the spot of Sant Dnyaneshwar's samadhi. It is visited by thousands of pilgrims, and in particular, those of the Varkari Sect. On every Kartika Ekadashi (eleventh day of the Hindu month of Kartik), a big festival is held at Alandi, when the Yatra (procession of pilgrims) reaches the town.

Among other important sites at Alandi are the Vitthala-Rakhumai temple, Siddhabet, Jalaram mandir (just like the one at Virpur Gujarat) and Dnyaneshwar's wall. The town of Dehu, where the samadhi of Sant Tukaram is located, lies not far from Alandi.Tulapur village(6 km From Alandi) is also lacated near to alandi where samadhi of Sambhaji Raje Bhosle(Son of Shivaji Maharaj)is located.

Alandi has also the distinction of having a prehistoric collection of Shivling. In one of the Saint Dnyaneshwar's verses he speaks of it being called "Sidheshwar". The name of the reigning deity of the place as also one of the names of Shiva. He states then that a collection of eighty-four Sidhas meet or exist here. Under a dense green and flower laden canopy emitting a heavenly fragrance and birds singing celestal tunes. This stanza is to be found in Saint Dnyaneshwar's book about the power of chanting Hari's name. The book is called Haripath. Even till this day Haripath is recited by countless rich and poor in Maharashtra. They experience its beauty and believe in its powers as also in the person who created them.

Alandi has become known as a place for mass-marriage ceremonies for impoverished eloped lovers and parents who would avoid expenses for a daughter's marriage. An "Alandi marriage" has therefore become a derogatory term in the urban area around Pune.



i  is a city and a municipal council in Pune district in the state of Maharashtra, India.

Alandi is located on the banks of the Indrayani River, 25 km east of Pune, India.