Chikaldara Travel Guide




Places to visit

Local features of importance

1. Melghat Tiger Reserve, which includes the Gugamal National Park
2. Gawilgad fort
3. Bhim-kund: This is the place where Bhima washed his hands off the blood of Keechaka.
4. Forest garden
5. Wildlife museum

[edit] Chikhaldara Tourist Points

* Bhimkund (Kitchakdari)
* Vairat Devi
* Sunset Point
* Bir Dam
* Panchbol Point
* Kalapani Dam
* Mahadev Mandir
* Semadhoh Tiger Project
* Hariken Point
* Mozari Point
* Prospects Point
* Devi Point
* Monkey Point
* Goraghat
* Shakkar Lake
* Malviya and Sunrise Point
* Government Garden
* Museums
* Waterfall
* Dharkhura
* Bakadari
* Muktagiri

Chikhaldara is a city and a municipal council in Amravati district in the state of Maharashtra, India.

Chikhaldara is a plateau and is one of the cool air locations of Maharashtra. It is located in cotton growing area also a Historical valued place where, Lord Krishna carried away Rukminee. It is the only coffee growing area of Maharashtra.

Chikhaldara is named after the king Kichak , who was killed by Bheema, one of the Pandava brothers in the Mahabharata. He is said to have been killed by Bheema and thrown in the deep valleys called dari in Marathi language ( language of the State of Maharashtra ) hence the name Kichakdara which was later on spelled as Chikhaldara


Chikaldara was discovered by Captain Robinson of the Hyderabad Regiment in 1823. The Englishmen found it particularly attractive because the lush green hue of the place reminded them of England. When the leaves fell in September/October, they were reminded of autumn in England. There was even a proposal to make it the seat of the Government of India