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places to visit

Karla Caves: These 3rd century caves are well known for their splendid rock-cut architecture. The caves were built by Theravada Buddhist monks. Karla Caves are located close to Lonavala in Karli, and is a popular tourist destination.

Bedsa Caves: Different in appearance from the Karla Caves, these Hinayana Buddhist Caves are said to be built in 1st century. The caves are famous for their animals and dancing figure sculptures.

Bhaja Caves: Bhaja Caves are a group of 18 rock-cut caves built around 200 B.C. The major attraction is the group of 14 stupas, five inside and nine outside the caves. One of the caves houses some of the most splendid sculptures. Near the last cave is the monsoon waterfall, where tourists flock every summer.

Kondeshwar Temple:

An ancient elephant temple well known as Shri Kondeshwar temple is located at pohara near to kamshet. Pahara is a hilly forest range. This temple is dedicated to Hindus god Shiva.

There is a scenic view nearby this temple for the tourists as this place is surrounded by the dense forest, all around. Thousands of Hindu devotees come to visit this temple at the time of Mahashivaratri, as a huge festival is conducted at this time.

Paragliding: Paragliding is one of the major attraction and activity for the tourists in the Kamshet. There are many paragliding schools in Kamshet for the beginners.


Vadivali Lake is one of the larger lakes in the area, at an altitude of 2200 ft above msl. It is an artificially created lake due to the backwaters of the Uksan Dam.
Caves and temples

The town of Pune, known for the Osho Ashram, Koregaon Park, Pune, India, with its orange-robed devotees and radical meditation techniques, is 45 km from Kamshet. Closer to Kamshet, there are the Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves and Bhedsa Caves, ancient Buddhist cave temples with carvings and statues of the Buddha.





Get there and around

Kamshet is located 16 km ahead of the twin hill stations of Khandala and Lonavala in the state Maharashtra in the district Pune. It is located about 118 km from Mumbai, and the nearest town is Pune (85+ km.)

There are regular local trains that run between Pune and Kamshet. From Mumbai, you can board a train that you take you to Lonavala, and reaching there, take the local train to Kamshet. The nearest airport is in Pune, and reaching here, you can hire a taxi to reach Kamshet or catch the local train. You can also drive from Mumbai or Pune to reach Kamshet which is 16+ km east of Lonavala.



Kamshet is located in the state of Maharashtra, India, 110 km from Mumbai (Bombay) City, and 85 km from Pune. It is 11 km from the twin-hill stations of Khandala and Lonavala, and is accessible by road and rail from Mumbai (Bombay) and Pune. The area around Kamshet is surrounded by scenery, and is home to small villages that are still built in the traditional style (with mud, thatch and reeds).

Kamshet railway station is located in the Western Ghats, off an ancient trade-route that once linked the west coast to the hinterland. The railway station runs parallel to the Indrayani River. The hills along this route are dotted with ancient cave temples, medieval hill fortresses and colonial hill stations.

Kamshet serves as a railhead for many villages (Bhaja, Uksan, Kamra, etc.) in the western ghats. There is a regular MSRTC bus service from Kamshet to these villages as well. Since the early 20th century Kamshet has served as a market place for these villages.

Paragliding is one of the major attractions of Kamshet. The world-class paragliding facilities attract a great number of flying sport aficionados to the place. The picturesque Kamshet is surrounded by paddy and sunflower fields, and bounded by hills and serene lakes. It’s a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.

Temple hill is the destination for hand gliding. 8 km from the highway, another paragliding spot Shelar is located. It offers ideal conditions for soaring and thermal paragliding. Here, Tourist can off from a height of 175 feet above ground level.

If someone is a hardcore paragliding enthusiast and looking for some challenging flying adventure, head towards Kondeshwar Cliff. 20 km from Kamshet, it offers the right elevation to soothe tourists tingling nerves. Tourist take off from a height of 2200 feet.

Tourist can soar high over the Pawna Lake and glide over the beautiful scenery below. Kamshet is ideal for ridge and thermal soaring, and is suitable for basic, intermediate and cross-country paragliding expeditions.

Kamshet is better known as the 'Para-Glider's paradise'. This sleepy village in Maharashtra along the Mumbai-Pune Highway has been developed as a major paragliding destination. Set in the scenic area of Western Ghats, off an ancient trade-route which once linked the west coast with the hinterland, Kamshet is predominantly rural with traditional-style houses (built with mud, thatch and reeds). Since Kamshet is very close to the twin hill stations of Lonavla and khandala, tourists generally stay at these places and visit Kamshet for purely adventurous pursuits.