Bhandara Travel Guide



Bhandara is a city and a municipal council in Bhandara district in the state of Maharashtra, India.

It is the second major city in Vidharba a region that is Maharashtra. Bhandara is an agricultural centre for the farmers around its region majorly growing rice. The district speaks regional languages Marathi and also Hindi due to its proximity towards Madhya Pradesh. The city has the crossing of National Highway No. 6. This place is split between two rivers one is Wainganga and other is Sur Nadhi. The weather is very extreme in all seasons with temperatures in summers as high as 45 degrees Celsius and in winters as cool as 8 degrees Celsius. The city is surrounded by industries like Ashok Leyland, Sunflag steel and Ordinance Factory. This city has given nation, leading Industrialist and politicians and city is known for cooperative movements which played key role for economic growth of the city. The Wainganga is the principal river in the district, and the only stream that does not dry up in the hot weather, its affluent within the district being the Bawanthari, Bagh, Kanhan and Chulban.