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Gondia is well surrounded by hills and forests. There are so many tourist spots around the Gondia. The most beautiful Places are Nagzira wild life sanctuary, . So many foreign birds came to here. Pratapgarh is famous for the Shiv temple situated at large hill.

Nagzira wild life century is just 45 km from Gondia. Hajrafall is also the one of the best location. Just 4 km from the gondia city there is an  Shiv temple. To visit all these places trains and buses are available from Gondia.. Navegoan badh bird century is 90 km from Gondia. Near the bird senctury there is very big lake.




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Gondia is also having IT companies. Ephpsolutions.com is a leading IT company in Gondia. Durga Utsav is very famous festival in Gondia. In Gondia Durga Utsav mandals make very famous Zhakis and to see this zakis so many people come from outside.
[edit] Rail

Gondia is an important junction and has heavy passenger and goods traffic. The station has three platforms out of which two are for broad gauge and the third for narrow gauge railway line. All the platforms are adequately provided with amenities such as portable water, tea stalls, benches and waiting sheds. There is a fruit stall and a book stall too. The station is also equipped with an upper class waiting rooms and waiting hall for lower class passengers.

Gondia is situated on the broad gauge Mumbai - Calcutta railway route which is 1060 km from Mumbai, capital of state.

There is a broad gauge line heading south to Nagbhir and a Metre gauge line subject to conversion under Project Unigauge to Nainpur and Jabalpur. [1]

Gondia is 150 km from Nagpur and 1000 km from Pune. Gondia is about 990 km from Mumbai, the state capital of Maharashtra.

The Gondia - Jabalpur Junction (Madhya Pradesh) section of West Central Railway runs north and south, along the valley of the Wainganga. The line was formerly narrow gauge (2 ft 6 in (762 mm)) for its entire length, but the section between Gondia and Balaghat was converted to broad gauge in 2005-2006, connecting Balaghat to India's national broad gauge network for the first time. Work is underway to convert the Balaghat - Jabalpur section to broad gauge as well.


Gondia Airport (Birshi Airport) is 15 km. from Gondia City. Its situated near Kamtha Village.

Gondia is also known as Rice City, as it is a rice producing district and has about 250 rice mills near the vicinity of city. it is also a major trading place.

The Bombay-Nagpur-Calcutta Road is the only national highway passing through the district, which covers to a total distance of 99.37 km. Gondia has bus connectivity to Jabalpur, Nagpur and Balaghat.

The Nearest International and Domestic Airports are Jabalpur Airport and Nagpur Airport.Gondia also has Birsi Airport constructed by british during second world war.There is a pilot training centre called Rajiv Gandhi National Flying Institute, which is a joint venture of Canada and airport authority of India at Birsi airport.


Gondia, or Gondiya , is a city in the state of Maharashtra in western India, and is the administrative headquarters of Gondia District.Gondia is a Rice City .Gondia is very close to Madhya Pradesh state, and is considered the gateway to Maharashtra from central and eastern India. It has more than 1000 rice mills and some small scale tobacco industries. This makes it a very important central hub for business




Bhavbhuti was an 8th century scholar of India noted for his plays and poetry, written in Sanskrit. His plays are considered equivalent to the works of Kalidas. Bhavbhuti was born in a Deshastha Brahmin family of Padmapura, Vidarbha, central India, in Gondia district.Bhavabhuti rang mandir one of the famous places in Gondia city has been given the name in the honour of Bhavbhuti