Karad Travel Guide


Karad is also known as "Dakshin Kashi" it was originally known as "Karhatak" which later on evolved to be known as Karad. Karad is well known for Mogal architectures like great jama masjid ,twins minare(domes),worlds second biggest kabristan. It was also meeting point of Haji for journey through river Krishna to holy pilgrim "HAJ" in mogal period, because krishna river meets last to Arabian sea. It is also known as the Eidgah (the place where the two Eid prayers are held every year.) The Jama Masjid of Karad is very notable and has twin towers that can be seen from a distance.




Karad is a city and a municipal council in Satara district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It lies at the confluence of Koyna River and the Krishna River, popularly known as 'Preeti Sangam'. The rivers meet exactly headon, thus forming letter "T". The two rivers originate at Mahabaleshwar which is around 100 km from Karad. They diverge at their origin and then meet again in Karad. Hence their confluence is called 'Preeti Sangam' meaning "Lovely Meeting". It will be of interest to know that their length from originating point to meeting point is almost same. That is unique in the world. Karad is well known for Sugar Production & is known as the "sugar-bowl" of Maharashtra owing to the presence of many sugar factories in and around Karad. It has many prestigious educational institutes such as Govt. College of Engineering, Govt. College of Pharmacy and KIMS Medical college and hotels such as Hotel Sangam