Manori Travel Guide



Manori is a neighbourhood in northern Mumbai, India. It is known for its beach and the Manori Creek. The closest railway station is Malad. You can take a ferry from Marve (3-5 mins) and reach Manori. The island is dominated by the local fishing community (kolis) and fishing is the main stream of income for the locals although it is a very famous weekend picnic destination for many mumbaikars and is increasingly becoming a tourist hotspot. The beach, roads, overall culture is very reminiscent of Goa and the place provides a mini-Goa experience within the boundaries of Mumbai city. For the religious / spiritual seekers - The Global vipassan pagoda (world's largest structure containing the bone relics of the Buddha)offers a breathtaking view. There are 2 beautiful ashrams of the spiritual masters of Nath Sampradaya - Swami Gagangiri Maharaj and his disciple Swami Gagananand Maharaj. There is a Shiv temple (Samudreshwar) bang at the entrance of Manori islands (after landing from ferry).