Dahanu Travel Guide


Some of the famous temples :Mahalakshmi Temple Mahalaxmi & Mahalaxmi Gadh, Santoshi Temple-Asagarh, Sai Baba Temple- Narpad, Shri Kevda Devi Mandir -Agar Road, Jagrut Hanuman Mandir - Agar & Waghadi, Mata Saptashrungi Mandir Nikane,Shri Gajanan Maharaj Mandir - Parnaka

'Jain Temples' The old jain temple located in Dahanu Gaon (Fort Area) has recently completed 100 years and is now included in 'JAIN TIRTH (TEERTHS)' It is a Chandraprabhu Swami's temple and also has idols of DADAGURU DEV.

The newly constructed temple at KOSBAD hill is an attraction for people from Mumbai and Surat as there are many visitors on Sundays. The tour organisers arrange a single day picnic from mumbai and they come in numbers every weekends.

Dahanu is a coastal city and a municipal council in Thane district in the western state of Maharashtra, India

The city

The name "Dahanu Gaon" originates from the word "Dhenu Gram" meaning the village of cows. A lot of cattle, particularly cows were owned by the people in Dahanu. Today, Dahanu has become a major commercial and industrial town in the Thane district. It is well known for the chickoo fruit and accounts for over 50% of India's chickoo production. Rubber balloons, rice mills and manufactured goods, are major manufacturing products which are produced in Dahanu. There is also a 500-MW power plant that supplies electricity to Mumbai. The electricity is distributed by Reliance Energy.