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is city and a municipal council lies in Raigad district in India in state of Maharashtra. Panvel is also known as gateway of Konkan region. It adjoins Navi Mumbai, and is just after the Thane district border. Panvel is located on the Mumbai Pune Expressway about 22 kilometres from Mumbai.


The historic settlement of Panvel is 3000-years old, developed around trade routes (both land and sea), during the time of Muslims/ Portuguese/British dominance of the Konkan region. During this time, building activity in these townships was generated by the affluence due to trade. This can be seen in the large Wadas and the buildings that came up during the relative affluence of the Peshwahi and post-Peshwahi period. It is also said that old name of this city was Pavanpalli.



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Between Pen and Panvel lies the Karnala fort. At the bottom of the fort is the bird sanctuary. Karnala is 65 km away from Mumbai, 120 km away from Pune and 13 km away from Panvel. The sanctuary is around 25 m above mean sea level, while the fort itself is 370 m above mean sea level. Maharashtra Government declared this 4.5 km². region as the bird sanctuary in 1968-69. Rich with natural habitats for various kinds of birds, in the sanctuary one can find around 150 species of birds. One can watch for Red-vented Bulbul, Horn Bill, Myna, Owl, Ashy Rain War Blur, Paradise Fly Catcher, RobinMcPie.

Two of the eight Ashtavinayak temples of the God Ganesha are close to Panvel, Ballaleshwar Pali and Varadavinayaka at Mahad , near Khopoli, on the Mumbai-Pune Highway (NH4). It is different from Mahad

There are many good hotels in Panvel like Ratnadeep hotel between Panvel ST Bus Stand and Panvel Railway Station




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by rail
Panvel Railway station comes under Mumbai Division of Central Railway. The station is technically divided into two parts viz, Suburban and Main Line. The Main line station is located at Chainage 68/5 from Mumbai CST, while the suburban station is at 48/9. There are a total of 7 platforms (4 suburban and 3 Main Line) while two more are being constructed.

Panvel happens to be the terminating station of Mumbai Railway's Harbour Line. Also, Konkan Railway connecting Mumbai to South India passes through Panvel Terminus.

The station handles more than 30 pairs of freight trains each day. About 5 pairs of daily commuter (passenger) trains, and about 5 pairs of daily express trains stop here. In addition to this 5 pairs, about 11 pairs of non-daily trains including the Trivandrum Rajdhani also stop at this station. Panvel is a very major station and is considered equivalent to Mumbai for trains which skip Mumbai. The trains run on Diesel Traction and electricity (the tracks are not electrified to the south of Panvel), and Panvel is a refueling point for their locomotives.

In addition to refueling, Panvel has a huge number of parcel bookings, and most trains stop for periods varying from 5 minutes to 20 minutes for technical purposes. Panvel also handles crew change for freight trains. There are 4 Ticket counters and 3 Reservation counters. Car/Two-Wheeler parking facility is available on both sides of the station.The main State Road Transport bus station of Panvel is about 500 metres away from the station. Buses run by Local Municipal Transport (NMMT) come right outside the station. Rickshaws are available in plenty (but they however do not charge as per meter tariff. Fixed charges apply).

STD booths are available on all seven platforms. Railway canteens look after the needs of passengers. A book stall is located on Platform 5. Toilets and Rest rooms facilities are available for passengers of the Main line. It is the biggest railway station in the district.

by bus

There are two main Bus stands in Panvel- Panvel State trasport (ST) stand on the national highway (NH 4) & railway station stand in front of the railway station. The one on the highway is among the busiest in the state and handles over 1500 ST buses every day,while the railway station bus stand handles only 200 NMMT buses per day mostly to other nodes in Navi Mumbai. There are about 20 other small bus stops in Panvel city.