Jowai Travel Guide



places to visit

Within the city there are not much spots to see but the heart of the city is also an attraction for the tourists as the Buzzing Iaw Musiang is one of the oldest market in the district.

The Syntu Ksiar is an area which is worth seeing which is a part of the Myntdu River where the freedom struggle headed by Kiang Nongbah was started at the Madan Madiah. You can see the monument of Kiang Nangbah who was a freedom fighter.

The Thadlaskein lake is also a popular tourist spot which was dug by Sajar Nagli who was the then Follower of the erstwhile Jaintia King.

Although lesser known the park in Ialong is also a nice spot to visit. Here you get a picturesque view of the pynthor wah valley of the Myntdu river and now it has been renovated under the Disrtrict Administration's DRDA (District Rural Development Agency).

Besides there are lot of picnic spots around.



get there and around

Jowai is well connected by road to Shillong which is 60 km away. The city of Jowai lies on the National Highway 44 which connects Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram and even some parts of manipur where the road can be linked with the only route to churachanpur in manipur.

There are buses but the most popular mode of transport in the district is the Tata Sumo and the Tata Indica and functions in a share passenger system. The cost for travelling from Shillong to Jowai Sumo is Rs 60 and Indica Rs60 this are seen running almost all through the day.

There is no rail or air link. The nearest air head and rail head is Guwahati,Assam which is around 160 km away.




Jowai also known as Jwai is the headquarters of Jaintia Hills district of the state of Meghalaya in India. It is also to be noted that the Jaintia hills district is the first District to be solely demarcated in the state of Meghalaya on the year the state was formed on 1972.

Jowai is the home of the Pnar Tribes one of the most prominent and friendly tribes in the whole of the northeastern part of india. It is a very scenic place which is located on top of a plateau which is surrounded on three sides by the Myntdu river boredering Bangladesh to the south (about 50 km from the indo-bangla border). Situated at an altitude of 1380 m above sea level.

It also serves as a business and education hub of the entire district having students from all over the district bordering the state of Assam and even the country of Bangladesh. It has schools, colleges and hospitals and other amenities for a town.