Festivals and Events

American Samoa, a vibrant tapestry of Polynesian culture and American influence, comes alive throughout the year with a rich array of festivals and events. From spirited cultural celebrations to exhilarating sporting events and artistic showcases, immerse yourself in the heart and soul of this Pacific paradise.

Cultural Festivals:

  • Flag Day (April 17th): Join locals in celebrating American Samoa’s sovereignty with traditional dances, canoe races, and cultural performances showcasing Samoan heritage.
  • Teuila Festival: Experience Samoa’s biggest cultural event with traditional arts, music, and sports competitions held annually in September, highlighting the region’s rich cultural diversity.

Religious Festivals:

  • Easter Celebrations: Attend church services and partake in Easter egg hunts, followed by traditional feasts and communal gatherings.
  • Christmas Festivities: Embrace the holiday spirit with carol singing, nativity plays, and festive feasting that blend Samoan customs with Christian traditions.

Food and Drink Festivals:

  • Taste of the Pacific: Indulge in a culinary journey showcasing Pacific flavors, from fresh seafood to tropical fruits and traditional delicacies.
  • Ava Ceremony: Witness the sacred kava ritual, a symbol of hospitality and unity, often performed during social gatherings and ceremonial events.

Music and Arts Festivals:

  • Samoa Arts Council Festivals: Explore exhibitions and performances featuring local artists, musicians, and dancers celebrating Samoan creativity and expression.
  • Taloa Music Festival: Groove to the rhythms of traditional Samoan music fused with contemporary beats, held annually to promote local talent and cultural identity.

Sporting Events:

  • Alo Paopao Festival: Cheer on outrigger canoe races, showcasing the island’s seafaring heritage and competitive spirit.
  • Rugby Tournaments: Experience the passion for rugby with local matches and international competitions that unite communities in friendly rivalry.

Seasonal Festivals:

  • Cherry Blossom Festival: Celebrate the blooming of cherry blossoms in spring, transforming the landscape into a canvas of pink and white hues.
  • Fall Fairs: Join harvest festivals celebrating local agriculture with food stalls, craft displays, and agricultural competitions.

Community Events:

  • Village Fetes: Participate in village feasts (fono) where communities come together to share food, music, and traditional dance performances.
  • Community Clean-up Days: Engage in environmental stewardship with local residents, contributing to the preservation of American Samoa’s natural beauty.

Arts and Crafts Fairs:

  • Fagatogo Market Days: Browse artisanal crafts, handmade jewelry, and traditional Samoan handicrafts at weekly markets bustling with local flavor and creativity.
  • Tafuna Arts and Crafts Fair: Discover unique souvenirs and cultural artifacts crafted by local artisans, offering insights into Samoan craftsmanship and traditions.


From the pulsating rhythms of traditional dance to the exhilaration of sporting feats and the flavors of Pacific cuisine, American Samoa’s festivals and events offer travelers a vibrant tapestry of cultural immersion and community spirit. Embrace the opportunity to connect with locals, celebrate traditions, and create unforgettable memories amidst the natural beauty of this Pacific jewel. Whether you’re drawn to music and arts, culinary delights, or sporting thrills, let American Samoa’s festivals enrich your journey and deepen your appreciation for this unique destination.

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