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How to reach

Mansa is well linked to other cities, particularly the national capital, New Delhi, by an efficient rail and transport system. The nearest airports are located at New Delhi and Chandigarh which are 248 km and 180 km away by road respectively.New airports will be in working soon at ludhiana, International Airport at Mohali, Bhatinda. It is connected by rail and situated on the Delhi–Bathinda branch line of Northern Railway. Many trains like New Delhi–Bathinda Intercity Express,Ferozepur Mumbai Janta Express, Bikaner Guwahti Express and Punjab-Mail come to Mansa station. Besides, there are several passenger trains running between New Delhi and Mansa at regular intervals daily. Mansa is well connected to all the cities of punjab by bus routes.

.Major Towns


Budha and Ladha were two real brothers who were khatri by caste. The village has got its name from the name of these two brothers. Some of the population of the village was of Majhbi and Ramdasia. It was a part of Kaithal state_name. The king of the Kaithal state did not help the British during the insurgency of 1857. So the British annexed the kingdom. Later on, it was merged with Karnal District. It was the largest market of East Punjab. It was a very big recruitment centre of military personnels which was second to only to Rohtak in India. Prestigious Ashoka Chakra Award was conferred on Hawaldar Joginder Singh Datewas who was recruited from Budhlada.

Budhlada city is 70 km away from Bathinda and is situated on Bathinda-Delhi rail line. The border of Haryana state is 25 km away from the city. It is 17 km away from Mansa. A popular Gurudwara Brahm Bunga is situated in Dodra 10 km from Budhlada. Every year, three main samagams are held at DODRA in the months of March, September and December. Sangat from all over the world comes over during these samagams to take laha.As per 1991 census, the total population of the city is 18,123. The sub division came into being in 13-4-1992.


The ancient name of Sardulgarh town was Rori Dhudal. It was a part of Patiala princely state before independence. The son of Maharaja Patiala, Mr. Sardul Singh came here for a hunting. There is a fort of Maharaja Patiala in a neglected state in which the office of the police station of Sardulgarh has been serving. The name of Sardulgarh town was named after Sardar Sardul Singh from Rori Dhudal. Initially Sardulgarh was a Sub tehsil. It was graded as a Sub Division in 1993 when tehsil headquarters were shifted from Jhunir to Sardulgarh. Earlier, there was a Gram Panchayat. It was upgraded to Nagar Panchayat on 1996-12-12.


This is the town about 20 minutes away from Mansa on Mansa Barnala Road and notably famous for the Freedom fighter Jangeer Singh Joga, belonging to Communist Party of India. He wasa national level freedom fighter and was the man who built the sleepy village of Joga to a bustling town with senior secondary schools for Girls & Boys,Library, Public School, Girls College, Civil Hospitals among other facilities. Principal K.D. Vashist and Mrs Bhupinder Kaur(who later retired as District Education Officer,Mansa) were among the notable principals of the Girls School Joga.


This town is on Mansa-Pariala Road and emerging as major town of the District.

Chotti Mansa It was actually village mansa in older times but these days due to developments it has become the part of Mansa city itself. Mainly famous for the Manshahia clan.

Mansa is a city and a municipal council in Mansa district in the Indian state of Punjab. It is the administrative headquarters of Mansa district.

The population is Punjabi-speaking and is wedded to the culture of the Malwa belt of Punjab.

The district has an area of 2174 km² and a population of 688,630 (2001 census), with a population density of 317 persons per km². The district is roughly triangular in shape, and is bounded on the northwest by Bathinda District, on North by Barnala District on the northeast by Sangrur District, and on the south by Haryana state. The district is divided into three tehsils, Budhlada, Mansa, and Sardulgarh. The Ghaggar River flows through Sardulgarh tehsil and Bhakhda river near Jhunir in the southwestern corner of the district. It is situated on the rail line between Bathinda-Jind-Delhi section and also situated on Barnala-Sardulgarh-Sirsa Road.

History of town Mansa

The town is said to have been founded by Bhai Gurdas who hailed from Dhingar, Distt. Mansa. He is said to have been married at this place among the Dhaliwal Jat Sikh. Once he came to his in-laws to take his wife along with him but they refused to send her. At this, Bhai Gurdas sat in meditation before the house of his in-laws. After some time, the parents of the girl agreed to send their daughter with Bhai Gurdas. But he refused to take her along with him, stating that he had now renounced the worldly way of life. In his memory, his Smadh was constructed where a fair is held every year in March-April. People in large numbers attend the fair and offer Laddus and Gur at Smadh. Class ‘A’ municipality has been functioning in the town since 1952.