Barmer Travel Guide


Barmer is the headquarters of the Barmer district in the state of
Rajasthan, India. It is a city and a municipality.

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About the place:

Destination Barmer is 200 from Jodhpur and 650 km from Ahmedabad,
Barmer is accessible by both road and rail.
Situated in south-west Rajasthan, Barmer shares administrative and
cultural borders with the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat and Sindh in

Origin of name:
The name Barmer is derived from the ruler Bahada Rao or Bar Rao who is
said to have founded the town in the 13th century, when it was named
Bahadamer (“The Hill Fort of Bahada”)

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To the immediate west of the city lie the remains of Juna or Juna
Barmer and to the south are the ruins of three Jain temples. There is
an inscription dated 1295 AD on one of the pillars of the hall of the
largest temple at Juna. This mentions a Maharajakula Sri Samanta Sinha
Deva ruling Barmer at the time. Barmer is famous for its carved wooden
furniture and hand block printing industry.woolen industries,gaur
industries,black gold(Oil)

There are number of festivals held in Barmer, the most famous of which
is a cattle fair held every year at Tilwara village situated on the
banks of the Luni river. The fair goes on for a fortnight in the months
of March and April. The other major festival is the Barmer Thar
Festival, started as a practice to enhance the tourism potential of
this town. During the annual Barmer festival in March, the town is at
its colourful best and that is the best time to visit Barmer.

famous cuisine Barmer is known for its very famous Jeevanji ki sev, and
nugati. Deshi food like all barmeri
Barmer is known for its vary famous Daluji ki Kachouri. A spicy fast
food like Samosa.