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when to go

The weather and climate of the Jaisalmer is Arid in nature typical of any Desert region. Summers are hot but winters are relatively very pleasant.

Weather in summer

Jaisalmer is very hot in the summers. Summer season persists from April to August. The daytime temperature remains very high and usually touches around 42°C. Nights are relatively cooler typical of arid desert climate and the temperature comes down to as low as 25 °C.

Weather in winter

Winters in Jaisalmer are a lot cooler with day temperature remaining pleasant around 24°C. And nights are chilly with temperature getting as low as 7 to 8°C. The winter falls around Mid-November and continues till February end.

Weather in Monsoon

As Jaisalmer is situated amid Thar Desert monsoon is as good as negligible. Though western disturbance brings around 15 centimeters of annual rainfall, Jaisalmer remains dry for most parts of the year.