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The ancient town of Thar Desert was a great trading center between 8th to 12th centuries. Today it is desert oasis with 16 Brahamanical and Jain temples, beautifully sculpted and designed, most of which have stood ravages of time. The place is highlighted by its camel ride at the time of the sunset. The tourist's have the liberty to watch the architectural forms during that camel ride and return back to the camps or the resorts followed by drinks and thematic evening of performing arts and a choice of oriental cuisines arranged in the ethnic style of that region. The stay at the camps enriches the feel of the holiday. The camp Thar being the best among the staying facilities.

Machiya Safari Park

It lies on the way to Jaisalmer, about 1km from Kailana Lake. The key fauna of the safari park includes, deer, desert fox, monitor lizard, blue bulls rabbits, wild cats, mongoose, monkeys etc. There is also large number of birds, which can seen from an exclusive bird watching point and also nice sunset can seen from the fort of park.


Pali is named after the Paliwal Brahmins who once inhabited the area. Ancient Pali housed a highly evolved civilization. The land, was leased by the then chief of Mandore (the former capital of Jodhpur district), was cultivated diligently by the Paliwals who abandoned their former priestly profession. The temples of Somnath and Naulakha are very old. Naulakha Jain temple has elaborate carvings while Somnath Shiv temple is known for its handsome bulling having exquisite mouldings.


Sojat city, is situated on the left bank of the Sukri River near Pali town, known as Tamravati in the ancient times, the fort has a big reservoir and several temples like Sejal Mata, Chaturbhuj and much more. The old temple of Chamunda Mata located on the top of one of the hillocks. Dargah of Pir Mastan is the main attraction at the time of Urs- the Muslim festival. One of the major attractions of this city is the plantation of mehandi trees, a herbal plant where the leaves are squashed into a thin paste and applied on the hands and the feet in various attractive designs.

This traditional art form is now known all over the world and is internationally adopted in the fashion circuit. Many of the foreign tours who happen to cross this perticuler route towards Udaipur or Mount Abu often takes a break and get there palms and feets decorated by the Mehndi of Sojat as it is very popular across the country.
Another prominent place to be seen are the temple of Ramdeoji near village Biratiya, the fort of Desuri, Kurki the birth place of Mirabai the legendry poetess who dedicated her whole life worshiping lord Krishna and spreading his message all over, that attracted the Mughal rulers too. Following these are few more locals like Jawai bandh, Jain temples of Narlai.


Nimaj boasts of a temple built in 9th century. It was dedicated to goddess Ma Durga . It also covers a unique art gallery showcasing some masterpieces of sculptural art, adorned within natural surroundings so as to provide an authentic ambience.


The Ahhichatragarh Fort is medium sized, which have been built by Mughal Emperors Akbar and Shaha Jahan. A well planned Mughal Garden, which retains its pleasant appearance even today. The city has distinct Muslim influences and a Five Domed Mosque built by Emperor Akbar dominates the landscape. The city is best visited during the Ramdeoji Ka mela and Tejaji ka mela in February and August respectively. Nagaur is approachable by express busses of RSRTC and by taxi.

Kailana Lake

Situated on Jaisalmer road. This is a charming picnic spot with a small artificial lake. And if you are here to stay on to take delight in the sunset. It is like a canvas with a splash of romantic colors. The beauty will linger on with you for a long time.

Balsamand Lake & Palace

An enchanting picnic spot with cool breeze weaving through the lush grove of mango, guava, papaya and other fruits. A placid artificial lake with a summer palace on the embankment. It was built by Balak Rao Parihar in 1159 AD. The serene surroundings will leave you at peace with yourself.

Sardar Samand Lake & Palace

As you go up to the shimmering lake and palace, a meandering and interesting drive will keep you entraced. The countryside with its lively villages and smiling, gay village folk of Jhalamand and Goora, will make you stop by and taste a bit of their hospitality. Photographers and adventurists can have day packed with enthralling excitement. Freely roaming herds of Chinkaras and Black Bucks can be seen here in large numbers.