Yelagiri Hills Travel Guide




Places of interest

Punganoor Artificial Lake-cum-Park: This picturesque lake is one of the most popular destinations in Yelagiri. One can take a short walk along the lake side and also enjoy a boat ride. The park located near the lake is an ideal place for taking your kids. However, picnicking is not allowed within the premises of the park.

Jalagamparai Waterfalls: A short distance away, on the other side of the hill, is Jalagambarai falls. The murmuring Attaru Rives flows through the Yelagiri Hills, and plummets down to form a highly captivating waterfall. It’s an hour, 5 km, walk from Yelagiri downhill. Though there is a direct route from Yelagiri to the falls, it is often closed. One has to go all the way down the hill, take the plains, and then climb the hill on the other side. It's an hour's journey.

Swami Malai Hills: Swami malai hills are the hills in the form of cake with a strong base at the bottom and high peak of the hills just tend to touch the sky. Trekking is an attarction at Swami Malai (3 km to and 3 km fro). This trek leads one to a small peak from where the entire valley is visible

Telescope observatory: A telescope observatory near Yelagiri hill is also of attraction of visitors.



How to Reach

The nearest airport to Yelagiri is the Chennai International Airport which handles both domestic and international flights. Reaching here, one can hire a taxi to reach Yelagiri. If you are coming by train from Bangalore, Chennai or Coimbatore then you will have to get down at Jolarpettai Junction which is the nearest railhead to Yelagiri.

From Bangalore, get on to Hosur Road, national highway 7 and head towards Krishnagiri. The 4-lane National Highway is excellent and you should make it in less than 2 hours. At Krishnagiri, there's a toll-gate manned by the National Highways Authority. Pay your toll and at the second flyover (don't go over the flyover), take the service road towards the left. This road goes to Chennai. Take the left and for the next hour or so, drive on NH46. You'll come to another toll-station. Pay and drive for a few minutes till you see Vanni Matriculation Higher Secondary School. Further up you'll see a sign 'Elagiri' (36 km) indicated by a 'U' turn arrow and that you need to keep left, take the 'U' turn, go under the bridge and on to the road towards Thirupathur. That's the road you need to get on to. Drive for about 7 kilometers. On the left, you'll see a big sign board 'Tamil Nadu Tourism Department Welcomes You'. Turn left at this junction, there's a sign board pointing towards yelagiri



Yelagiri is a hill station / village in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, India, situated off the Vaniyambadi-Tirupattur road.[1] Located at an altitude of 1,050 metres (3,500 ft) above Mean Sea Level and spread across 30 km2, the Yelagiri village (also spelt Elagiri at times) is surrounded by orchards, rose-gardens, and green valleys