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The history of almora is very interesting. Most of the hill resorts in India were the discovery of the British but almora is paradoxical. The existence and mention of almora can be traced back to the Vedic period. In the ancient scripture skanda purana, almora is cited as the humble abode of Hindu god lord Vishnu who according to the Hindu mythology is the preserver of this universe. Almora gained importance with raja kalyan chand making almora the capital of kumaon in 1560. In 1790 the gorkhas squandered the town but in 25 years they were defeated by the British. The British gave almora a new life. The clement atmosphere attracted the British in to developing almora in a picturesque hill station. Almora today has developed in to the most clean and hygienic of the all kumaon mountain ranges. The clean and clear atmosphere of almora takes one in to a tranquil and serene atmosphere away from the daily hustle bustle of the city life. Almora is among the few places where one can go away from the gizmos and bond with their own soul.