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Almora is situated at an altitude of 1,638 meters. The climate in Almora can be described as moderate. The summers are warm in the morning and pleasant in the evenings. The winters are cold and sunny during the daytime while the nights are very cold with snowfall a couple of time during the season.

The best season for tourist is during the months April-June and September-November. one can have the view of the snow-capped mountains during the early summers and autumns. The best time to witness snowfall is from the end of December till the early February.



Almora is quite well known for healthy atmosphere which cures people of many ailments. Summers in almora is quite a pleasant experience with the warmth of sunlight lighting up the lush greenery during the day and the low temperature making the night enjoyable. However, the winter season here is extremely cold and during the months of October to march the temperature falls to as low as -1’C. the monsoon comes in the June month and lasts till august. The rainfall is heavy in this part of the country. The best time to come to almora is the summer season when the summer is glorious and nights are pleasant. People who live in the tropical part of the country can find refuge in almora during summers.