Alipore Travel Guide


Places to visit

* National Library, Belvedere Road
* Alipore Zoological Gardens, Belvedere Road
* National Test House, Judges Court Road
* Alipore Metorological Office, Judges Court Road
* Presidency Jail,Alipore, Thackeray Road
* Symantak Nath's House [Part of Alipore Zoo]
* Bhavani Bhavan, Belvedere Road
* Kolkata Mint, Diamond Harbour Road
* Syamantak Nath's house [part of Alipore Zoo]
* Agri Horticultural Gardens, Alipore Road
* Royal Meat, Judges Court Road
* The Enclave, Alipore Road
* Hollywood Bowl



get there and around

Alipore is connected to all parts of the city by extensive bus services.

Alipore is connected by the Majherhat and New Alipore railway stations  of Kolkata Suburban Railway.




Alipore is headquarters of South 24 Parganas district and a neighbourhood in Kolkata in the Indian state of West Bengal.

Alipore is the one of the poshest and costliest localities in Kolkatain league with Ballygunge (wherein presently the real estate prices are the maximum in Kolkata). It is flanked by the Tolly Nullah to the north, Bhowanipore to the east, the Diamond Harbour Road to the west and Budge Budge section of the Sealdah South section railway line to the south.


One of the most historical and eventful localities of the city of Kolkata, Alipore is nearly as old as the city itself.

It was in the middle parts of the 18th century that the British began exploring the areas outside their settlements of Fort William and the Dalhousie Square area beyond the Race Course. The Belvedere Estate was one of the oldest establishments in Alipore. The Governor General Warren Hastings built it for himself and it became the Governor's residence until the Government House came up later. It was about this period of time that Alipore started attracting more and more British settlers who built their huge mansions and bungalows with gardens and Alipore came to be more popular.

In 1820, William Carey built the Agri Horticultural Gardens behind the Belvedere Estate and added to the charm of the locality. Also, the Alipore Zoological Gardens was thrown open to the public in 1875.

Post independence of India, Alipore became popular among the business elite of the city and a large number of them set up home. The Pauls, the Birlas, the Goenkas, the Dalmiyas - all added weight to the place.

In 1952, the Imperial Library (now renamed the National Library) shifted to its present premises on Belvedere Estate. The Alipore Mint was also inaugurated the same year.

By the late eighties and nineties other places like Ballygunge competed with Alipore as the poshest areas of Calcutta.

It is one of the better off areas in India.