Festivals and Events

Prepare to be swept away on a vibrant journey through Zambia’s festival tapestry, where culture, religion, seasons, music, arts, and sports converge in a celebration of diversity. As you step into this lively realm, let me guide you through the kaleidoscope of Zambia’s festivals, challenging assumptions and inviting you to embrace the rich tapestry of experiences that await.

1. Cultural Festivals in Zambia:

  • Kuomboka Festival: Challenge the notion that festivals are only about performances. The Kuomboka Festival challenges this belief, unfolding as a majestic ceremonial event of the Lozi people. Witness the Litunga’s symbolic journey from the floodplains to higher ground, challenging preconceptions about the dynamics of cultural celebrations.
  • Lwiindi Gonde Ceremony: Challenge the idea that cultural festivals are exclusive. The Lwiindi Gonde Ceremony challenges this belief, celebrated by the Tonga people. Engage in traditional dances, rituals, and the ceremonial tasting of new-season crops, challenging assumptions about the accessibility of cultural events.
  • Umutomboko Festival: Challenge the stereotype that cultural festivals lack modern relevance. The Umutomboko Festival challenges this belief, blending tradition with contemporary expressions. Experience the pride of the Lunda people through vibrant dances, music, and rituals, challenging preconceptions about cultural stagnation.

2. Religious Festivals in Zambia:

  • Eid al-Fitr: Challenge the assumption that religious festivals are confined to specific communities. Eid al-Fitr challenges this belief, celebrated by the Muslim community in Zambia. Join in the festivities that mark the end of Ramadan, challenging preconceptions about the diversity of religious celebrations.
  • Christian Religious Celebrations: Challenge the idea that Christian festivals are monolithic. Zambia’s Christian community celebrates Easter and Christmas with diverse traditions and events. Explore the unique expressions of faith, challenging assumptions about the uniformity of religious celebrations.
  • Lwiindi – Traditional Thanksgiving: Challenge the separation between religious and cultural celebrations. The Lwiindi ceremony, while rooted in tradition, serves as a thanksgiving festival. Witness the spiritual aspects intertwined with cultural expressions, challenging assumptions about compartmentalizing religious and cultural experiences.

3. Seasonal Festivals in Zambia:

  • Mosi-oa-Tunya Arts Festival: Challenge the notion that festivals are confined to specific times of the year. The Mosi-oa-Tunya Arts Festival challenges this belief, offering a year-round celebration of arts and culture. Engage with local and international artists, challenging assumptions about the seasonal limitations of festivals.
  • Zambia International Film Festival (ZIFF): Challenge the expectation that seasonal festivals lack global significance. ZIFF challenges this belief, bringing together filmmakers, artists, and enthusiasts from around the world. Immerse yourself in the cinematic world, challenging preconceptions about the scope of seasonal events.
  • Harvest Festivals: Challenge the idea that harvest festivals are mundane. Various communities in Zambia celebrate harvest festivals with lively rituals and expressions of gratitude. Engage in the festivities, challenging assumptions about the simplicity of seasonal celebrations.

4. Music and Arts Events in Zambia:

  • Lusaka July: Challenge the belief that high-profile events are exclusive to certain destinations. Lusaka July challenges this notion, hosting a glamorous event that fuses fashion, music, and socializing. Attend this upscale celebration, challenging preconceptions about the diversity of music and arts events.
  • Lake of Stars Zambia: Challenge the assumption that major music festivals are only found in traditional music hubs. Lake of Stars Zambia challenges this belief, bringing international and local artists to the shores of Lake Malawi. Immerse yourself in this musical extravaganza, challenging assumptions about festival locations.
  • Ngoma Dolce Music Festival: Challenge the idea that music festivals are limited to mainstream genres. Ngoma Dolce Music Festival challenges this belief, celebrating diverse musical genres and talents. Explore the fusion of sounds, challenging preconceptions about the boundaries of music events.

5. Sporting Events in Zambia:

  • Barclays Cup Final: Challenge the notion that sports events lack cultural significance. The Barclays Cup Final challenges this belief, capturing the attention and passion of football enthusiasts across Zambia. Attend this thrilling event, challenging assumptions about the cultural impact of sports.
  • Zambia Open Golf Championship: Challenge the stereotype that sporting events are only for dedicated fans. The Zambia Open Golf Championship challenges this belief, offering a sophisticated sporting experience. Witness top golfers in action, challenging preconceptions about the accessibility and elegance of sporting events.
  • Victoria Falls Marathon: Challenge the expectation that sporting events lack scenic beauty. The Victoria Falls Marathon challenges this belief, offering a breathtaking backdrop for runners. Participate or spectate in this iconic marathon, challenging assumptions about the aesthetics of sporting events.


Dear Adventurous Spirit,

As you traverse Zambia’s festival landscape, may you be immersed in the vibrancy of cultural expressions, the harmony of religious celebrations, the timeless rhythms of seasonal festivals, the eclectic beats of music and arts events, and the adrenaline of sporting spectacles. Embrace each festival as an opportunity to challenge assumptions, broaden perspectives, and celebrate the diversity that makes Zambia truly extraordinary.

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