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French Polynesia, a paradise of islands scattered across the South Pacific, offers an unparalleled tapestry of biodiversity and natural wonders. From pristine coral reefs teeming with marine life to lush rainforests and towering peaks, each facet of its natural landscape invites exploration and awe. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the rich wildlife and diverse ecosystems of French Polynesia:

National Parks and Reserves

  • Marquesas Islands: Explore the untamed beauty of the Marquesas Islands, home to Nuku Hiva’s Toovii Plateau and the jagged peaks of Ua Pou, protected as part of national parks preserving endemic flora and fauna.
  • Moorea: Wander through Moorea’s Belvedere Lookout within the Moorea National Park, where volcanic remnants and tropical forests provide a sanctuary for native birds like the Tahiti Monarch.

Marine Life and Coastal Habitats

  • Bora Bora Lagoon: Dive into the vibrant underwater world of Bora Bora’s lagoon, where manta rays glide gracefully among coral gardens, offering a mesmerizing spectacle for snorkelers and divers alike.
  • Rangiroa Atoll: Witness the phenomenon of Rangiroa’s Tiputa Pass, where dolphins play and sharks patrol the currents, showcasing the atoll’s rich biodiversity and pristine marine habitats.

Rainforests and Jungles

  • Tahiti’s Fautaua Valley: Trek through Tahiti’s lush Fautaua Valley, where towering ferns and ancient trees envelop hiking trails leading to spectacular waterfalls like the Fautaua Waterfall.
  • Huahine: Explore Huahine’s dense rainforests and sacred blue-eyed eels at Faie, offering glimpses of Polynesian legends amidst an ecosystem rich in endemic plants and birdlife.

Mountainous Terrain and Alpine Environments

  • Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora: Conquer the iconic Mount Otemanu on Bora Bora, rising dramatically from the lagoon to offer panoramic views of the island’s azure waters and surrounding motus.
  • Raiatea and Taha’a: Embark on hiking adventures in Raiatea’s Uturoa Valley or Taha’a’s Mount Ohiri, where ancient temples (marae) and vanilla plantations dot the verdant landscapes.

Wetlands and Marshes

  • Mangareva, Gambier Islands: Discover the tranquil wetlands of Mangareva, where endemic birds like the Mangareva kingfisher thrive amidst freshwater marshes and coastal lagoons.
  • Moorea’s Wetlands: Visit Moorea’s Te Paraiti Natural Reserve, where wetlands and swamps provide essential habitats for native wildlife, including the rare and elusive black mud turtle.

Rivers and Lakes

  • Lake Vaihiria, Tahiti: Kayak across Lake Vaihiria, Tahiti’s largest freshwater lake nestled in the island’s interior, surrounded by verdant valleys and cascading waterfalls.
  • Nuku Hiva’s Rivers: Explore the rivers of Nuku Hiva, such as the Hakaui River, which carves through rugged valleys and cascades down cliffs to form stunning waterfalls like Vaipo.

Protected Areas and Conservation Projects

  • Tetiaroa Atoll: Experience sustainable luxury at Tetiaroa, a private atoll where conservation efforts led by The Brando resort protect nesting sites for endangered green sea turtles and seabirds.
  • Maupiti Marine Reserve: Snorkel in the Maupiti Marine Reserve, where coral reefs thrive under strict conservation measures, offering a glimpse into thriving underwater ecosystems.


French Polynesia’s wildlife and natural landscapes are not just sights to behold—they are sanctuaries of biodiversity and cultural significance. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant marine life of its crystal-clear lagoons, the serenity of its rainforests, or the rugged beauty of its volcanic peaks, each experience enriches your understanding of this remote paradise. Embrace the opportunity to explore and protect these natural treasures, ensuring future generations can also marvel at the wonders of French Polynesia. Let the islands’ beauty and biodiversity inspire you on your journey through this enchanting corner of the South Pacific.

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