Festivals and Events

Dear traveler, prepare to be swept away by the cultural tapestry of Suriname through its lively festivals and events. Each celebration offers a unique window into the heart and soul of this diverse nation, showcasing its rich heritage and vibrant community spirit. Let’s explore the variety of festivals and events that await you:

Cultural Festivals

  • Keti Koti Festival: Celebrated on July 1st, Keti Koti marks the emancipation of slavery in Suriname. Join locals in Paramaribo for vibrant parades, cultural performances, and traditional food stalls. Challenge the idea that history is just confined to textbooks; in Suriname, Keti Koti brings history to life with music, dance, and reflection.
  • Srefidensi Day: Held on November 25th, Srefidensi Day commemorates Suriname’s independence from the Netherlands in 1975. Experience the patriotic fervor in Paramaribo with flag-raising ceremonies, concerts showcasing local talent, and fireworks lighting up the night sky.
  • Maroon Day: Celebrated in various Maroon villages throughout the year, Maroon Day honors the heritage and resistance of the Maroon communities. Witness cultural rituals, traditional drumming (kawina), and taste authentic Maroon cuisine during these vibrant celebrations.

Religious Festivals

  • Diwali: Suriname’s Hindu community celebrates Diwali with fervor, illuminating homes and temples with oil lamps (diyas) to symbolize the victory of light over darkness. Join in the festivities in Paramaribo’s Arya Dewaker Temple with colorful rangoli (artwork), traditional sweets, and fireworks.
  • Eid al-Fitr: Experience the joyous conclusion of Ramadan with Suriname’s Muslim community, marked by prayers, feasting, and charitable giving. Visit mosques in Paramaribo to witness the spirit of unity and hospitality among families and friends.
  • Christmas: Although predominantly Christian, Christmas in Suriname blends traditional festivities with local flavors. Explore Paramaribo’s Christmas markets, adorned with lights and decorations, and savor Dutch and Surinamese holiday treats.

Food and Drink Festivals

  • Pom Wine Festival: Indulge in Suriname’s culinary delights at the Pom Wine Festival, celebrating the country’s beloved dish, pom. Sample variations of this savory casserole paired with local wines and live music, challenging the idea that food festivals are just about eating.
  • Parbo Bier Festival: Join beer enthusiasts in Paramaribo for the Parbo Bier Festival, celebrating Suriname’s iconic Parbo beer. Enjoy live music, games, and of course, plenty of cold Parbo beers under the tropical sun.
  • Pangi Festival: Discover the flavors of Suriname’s indigenous cuisine at the Pangi Festival, where communities gather to showcase traditional dishes like cassava bread, wild game, and herbal infusions. Engage with locals to understand the cultural significance of each dish.

Music and Arts Festivals

  • Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA): Every few years, Suriname hosts CARIFESTA, a regional festival celebrating Caribbean culture through music, dance, visual arts, and literary arts. Immerse yourself in performances from across the Caribbean, challenging the assumption that arts festivals are limited to large cities.
  • Jazz Festival Suriname: Experience the smooth sounds of jazz against the backdrop of Paramaribo’s historic architecture. Join jazz enthusiasts for concerts featuring local and international artists, showcasing Suriname’s vibrant music scene.
  • Kasikunda Music Festival: Celebrate Suriname’s diverse musical heritage at the Kasikunda Music Festival, where traditional and contemporary artists come together to perform genres like kaseko, kawina, and zouk. Challenge the notion that music festivals are solely about mainstream genres; in Suriname, music festivals celebrate cultural diversity.

Sporting Events

  • Suriname Marathon: Lace up your running shoes for the Suriname Marathon, traversing Paramaribo’s scenic routes and historic landmarks. Join local and international runners in this challenging race, promoting fitness and community spirit.
  • Boxing Day Volleyball Tournament: Witness the competitive spirit of Suriname’s national sport, volleyball, during the annual Boxing Day tournament. Cheer for local teams as they showcase their skills and passion for the game.
  • Nickerie Open Golf Tournament: Tee off amidst Suriname’s lush landscapes at the Nickerie Open Golf Tournament, attracting golfers from across the country. Experience friendly competition and enjoy breathtaking views of rice fields and waterways.


Suriname’s festivals and events offer a gateway to its rich cultural heritage and vibrant community life. Whether you’re drawn to cultural celebrations like Keti Koti, the culinary delights of food festivals, or the pulsating rhythms of music festivals, each event invites you to challenge assumptions and embrace the diversity that defines Suriname. Pack your sense of adventure and immerse yourself in these memorable experiences that will deepen your understanding of this enchanting country.

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