Festivals and Events

Welcome to Guatemala, where every moment is a celebration of life, culture, and tradition! In the heart of Central America lies a land pulsating with festivals and events that paint the canvas of its rich heritage. As a traveler, immerse yourself in the rhythm of Guatemala’s vibrant tapestry, where each festival unveils a unique story waiting to be discovered.

Cultural Festivals:

  • Semana Santa: Experience the solemn yet spectacular processions during Holy Week, where the streets come alive with colorful carpets of sawdust, adorned with intricate designs.
  • Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos): Join the Guatemalan families as they honor their departed loved ones with elaborate altars, marigold flowers, and traditional foods like fiambre.

Religious Festivals:

  • Fiesta de Santiago: Celebrate the patron saint of Guatemala, Santiago, with vibrant parades, traditional dances, and the melodious sounds of marimba filling the air.
  • Virgen del Rosario: Witness the devotion of the locals as they pay homage to the Virgin of the Rosary with processions, feasts, and heartfelt prayers.

Food and Drink Festivals:

  • Feria de Jocotenango: Indulge your taste buds in a gastronomic feast featuring local delicacies like tamales, chiles rellenos, and atol de elote, accompanied by the finest Guatemalan coffee.
  • Festival del Pato: Savor the flavors of Guatemala’s culinary heritage at this duck festival, where succulent dishes like pato en chirmol (duck in tomato sauce) and pato en pinulito (duck in a spicy sauce) take center stage.

Music and Arts Festivals:

  • Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz: Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions, from contemporary dance performances to thought-provoking exhibitions, showcasing Guatemala’s cultural diversity.
  • Festival Nacional de Marimba: Let the rhythmic melodies of the national instrument, the marimba, enchant you during this lively festival celebrating Guatemala’s musical heritage.

Sporting Events:

  • Ruta Maya River Challenge: Embark on an adrenaline-pumping adventure down Guatemala’s iconic river, as teams compete in a grueling canoe race spanning over 260 kilometers.
  • Antigua Half Marathon: Lace up your running shoes and join thousands of participants in this scenic marathon, winding through the cobblestone streets and historic landmarks of Antigua Guatemala.

Seasonal Festivals:

  • Christmas Posadas: Experience the festive spirit of Christmas as communities come together to reenact Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter, followed by joyful celebrations with piñatas, fireworks, and traditional treats.
  • Guatemalan Independence Day: Join the jubilant crowds waving blue and white flags as Guatemala commemorates its independence with parades, concerts, and fireworks lighting up the night sky.

Community Events:

  • Feria Patronal: Dive into the heart of Guatemala’s rural communities during patron saint festivals, where locals gather for lively festivities featuring bullfights, rodeos, and traditional dances.
  • El Baile del Venado: Witness the ancient Mayan deer dance, a symbolic ritual performed in indigenous communities, blending spirituality with artistry in a mesmerizing display of culture.

Arts and Crafts Fairs:

  • Feria de Santo Tomás: Browse through bustling markets brimming with handcrafted treasures, from intricate textiles and pottery to vibrant paintings and intricate wood carvings, showcasing Guatemala’s rich artisanal heritage.
  • Feria de San Pedro: Explore the vibrant streets of San Pedro La Laguna during this annual fair, where artisans from across Guatemala gather to showcase their skills in weaving, embroidery, and traditional crafts.


Guatemala’s festivals and events offer a gateway to the soul of this captivating country, inviting travelers to embark on a journey of discovery and immersion into its rich cultural tapestry. From the solemn rituals of Semana Santa to the exhilarating energy of the Ruta Maya River Challenge, each experience leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of those who dare to explore. So, pack your bags and prepare to be enchanted by the magic of Guatemala’s celebrations – an adventure awaits!

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