Visa Requirements

Traveling to Greenland entails meticulous attention to visa requirements to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. From visa application procedures to special cases and extensions, understanding the process is essential for every traveler. Let’s delve into the essential points to consider:

Visa Application Requirements:

  • Passport: Ensure your passport validity extends beyond your intended stay.
  • Visa Application Form: Complete the form accurately, matching passport details.

Visa Processing Time and Procedures:

  • Plan Ahead: Initiate the application well in advance, considering a processing time of 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Submission: Submit the application either in person or through designated centers.

Visa Extensions and Renewals:

  • Limited Extensions: Extensions are limited and require specific conditions.
  • Renewal Process: Exit Greenland and reapply for a new visa if needed.

Visa Requirements for Special Cases:

  • Work or Study: Additional permits or visas may be necessary.
  • Family Reunification: Special provisions exist for family cases.

Visa on Arrival (VOA) Facility:

  • Not Available: VOA facilities are not offered in Greenland.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or Electronic Visa (eVisa):

  • Not Applicable: Greenland does not implement electronic systems for visas.

Visa Categories and Types:

  • Tourist Visa: Explore Greenland’s wonders.
  • Business Visa: Conduct business activities.


Navigating Greenland’s visa requirements demands meticulous planning and adherence to regulations. Understanding the process ensures a seamless journey. Stay informed, prepare diligently, and embark on your Greenland adventure with confidence.

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